Royalty Free Resources

Royalty-Free* and Free to Use

Royalty-Free for Purchase

  • Digital Juice
    Digital Juice will allow you to have access to all their music, animations, titles, and other graphics for a one-time purchase of either $299 or $499, depending on the plan you choose. Some music tracks are multi-layered, one layer per instrument. This means as you edit the music tracks and adjust each instrument or eliminate an instrument entirely.
  • SmartSound
    SmartSound lets you customize your music online or by downloading a track and using their software called Sonicfire Pro. Single tracks are $49.95 but they offer discounted packages of for multiple songs or albums.
* Royalty-free means the creator of the work will not receive royalties or payment for his or her creation based on your purchase. However, the creator or the company you get the media from may require attribution. It’s always a good idea to give credit when possible.
IMPORTANT: Always check these websites for attribution and copyright instructions. We are not responsible for illegal use of the media downloaded from the above websites.